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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 21, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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all live well. >> sean: true. 15 seconds before i die and before they take the gold out of my teeth, -- >> here's the thing. >> sean: we don't have time for the thing. that's all the time we have left. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: is president clinton embarrassing president obama? if so, is it deliberate or accidental? you decide. >> also, new weapon not nuclear but it might feel just as potent to democrats. wait until you hear what republican freshmen women of congress just did to the democrats. senator graham goes on the record with a warning from the white house. >> casey anthony is being called a liar, again. prosecutors say she suffocated her daughter with duct tape
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and i was mur. defense attorneys call it an accident. that caylee drowned in the family swimming pool accidentally. this story is getting more bizarre every minute. casey is now being accused of stealing that drowning story from a fellow inmate. >> name of the witness is april whalen. her child died in a swimming pool and was found by the child's grandfather. who immediately administered cpr and called 911. miss whalen was in an adjacent cell to miss anthony for a brief period of time. she indicates to law enforcement she did not talk to casey anthony. however, she doesn't remember if she talked to other inmates. so, at the present time it is being explored whether or not there was indirect contact. >> greta: will the jury hear this latest accusation by the prosecution? joining us judge pirro.
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she is here on fox news command them. good evening what is the story on this april whalen? what is the prosecution attempting to do with this? >> prosecution is trying to follow the discovery order of the court. saying we are putting together information which the defense has from the computer hard drive which we think will rebut in claim of drowning. what were they talking about? a bombshell today. they come out and say, there's a woman in the jail the same time this defendant was in jail. whose own son drowned. whose father apparently found him and then called 911. which by the way, goes to prove that dr. g was right. this was a shocker. this woman lies so many casey anthony of course. did she make up a story to tie something in with another story she heard and tried to make it her defense? all the prosecution is doing
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is saying, look, we may end up putting on a rebuttal case evidence that at the time this supposedly happen on the morning of june 16th, that information on the computer rebuts this claim of drowning. >> greta: this was not any evidence the heard today. but the prosecution's notification to the judge to defense that it may call this witness in a rebuttal case? is that the posture of this? >> that is the extent of it the best part of the day had to do with a doctor that the defense called saying those bones could have been out there in that recovery scene for as little as two weeks. it was amazing. she then says, a dog even though some of those bones, hip bone four inches under the muck as they called it, a dog could have buried that bone or maybe a coyote. i was a stunning moment. every one of the defense witnesses falling apart under
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cross-examination. why this prosecutor, i don't know what by -- by this prosecutor. i don't know what baez is thinking, where he's going but he's making a mess of this. >> greta: the testimony wouldn't have been so catastrophic to the defense, but for the fact, correct me if i'm wrong, the witness previously said, under oath in a deposition she couldn't tell when the bones were there? isn't that where the witness became so vulnerable? >> you know, remember the jury is not as privy greta as you and i are to prior inconsistent statements. these are people from florida. they don't need a woman coming from colorado, who you know, got her ph.d something like 48 years ago telling them what happens with the environment in florida. they also don't need an expert from the netherlands telling them about florida. >> greta: stop right there. are these the same ones you criticized we i said the cindy
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anthony said the car smelled like death. you thought you needed a sniffer machine. are these the same people? no. [ talking over each other ] >> greta: they needed a sniffer machine, -- [ talking over each other ] >> i just said that a nurse and a cop know the smell of death, as i do. once you've smelled it you don't need anything else. you can't criticize the prosecution, it is a murder case, so there. >> greta: i can criticize the prosecution and the defense. all the more reason to make sure that it is tried correctly. and the defense not do something that hurts the defendant's rights. and the prosecution not do something that you ares had their verdict should they get a verdict of guilty. now we go back to that stupid sniffer machine. >> judge today said the
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defense attorney was in 28qer and i was intentionalurt78 and trivial. that is going to jeopardize -- >> greta: if you ever been yelled at my a judge -- i get the last word on that. thank you. don't forget to tune in for justice with judge janine. judge perry lashes out at the defense again. are the lawyers just doing their jobs? do the lawyers deserve a tongue-lashing from the judge? let's ask our legal panel. judge out of line giving the defense hell? >> i think the judge has gone
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way overboard. i have never seen a murder case in this town or any other particularly, with prosecutor ashton who did not have the prosecution taking depositions. it was obvious he did not take depositions of important experts. he got in reports where he thought this seems thin and i'm going to keep them narrowed down to the report. even when they showed up at his office over last weekend, no i don't want to take it. i think that is playing games. obviously, you can't put five hours of testimony in a report in florida experts typically don't do reports at all. you have to rely on depositions. we all did it, all the time. i never get expert reports. i think the state is playing games every bit as much as the defense is negligent and incompetent. >> greta: bernie, i'll take a little -- i'm surprised at the judge here in the sense that
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whether jose baez failed to do something in a report it doesn't affect the integrity of the trial. they can take time to do the depend s on the side. for the life of me, i -- i can't remember having a trial where i didn't get yell at for something. >> i'm with you greta. i witnessed some of those and i thought you were going to need me as counsel. somebody's life is at stake. a child has been killed. >> greta: [ talking over each other ] >> it focuses on whether there is a effect cal violation of some rule. diana and -- and greta are right. give each side as much time as they want if a contempt violation is out of bounds, you need to try a case with dust on your shoes. contempt violation like the boogie man everybody is supposed to run? i've had my share of contempt violations. >> greta: the judge gets mad what is the big deal.
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people lose tempers in trials. >> where is the prejudice? >> greta: ted? >> i also have to believe that judge perry is doing something, he must maintain control of his trial. he doesn't want this to be the o.j. simpson-ito -- >> greta: you can tell the state, yes take an hour and depose. instead make this big circus where he shuts down the trial tort day and commentators are ceasing upon it. >> that may be true. but the judge put out an order and he expected the lawyers to follow that order they didn't that's the reason he came down on them. >> greta: at 5:00 he goes home and has the evening off. every prosecutor and defense lawyer has to work until midnight. it is easier to be the judge than the prosecutor and defense. >> i agree i'm going home and prepare for a trial tonight
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when i leave here. >> greta: diana tell me about this judge? >> no -- judge perry is great, i've never seen him act this -- i'm sorry, biased a litigant. he does seem to come down hard on baez. he knows ashton. jeff ashton is a fabulous prosecutor. i've been up against him a million times. we've both been yelled at. he knows jeff is gonna out-smart and out-lawyer jose baez every time because he's got the wealth of experience and the skill set. he knows that was game playing not to take those depositions. to talk about giving an instruction to the jury to not trust this witness, because the defense didn't follow the rules unbelievable to me. you are telling them, you don't have to believe this forensic doctor, because jose baez screwed up. that's what he is talking
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about telling the jury. i think it is going too far. >> greta: let me switch gears to this april whalen witness the prosecution wants to call in a rebuttal, maybe that casey anthony may have had a conversation with her in jail in which she said her child drowned and the grandfather found him many that somehow ends up in the opening statement. >> the state has a fairly airtight circumstantial case. why they want to inject into it is crazy. ted wrote it down, much to do about nothing. whalen won't appear as a witness. she is not going to admit she told anthony those facts. it is not so unusual that you couldn't make that story up. >> greta: that's what i don't get. i think from an far, it is a strong circumstantial case. no explanation where the child was from june 16th, to the time they found her in december. although the burden on the defense, there's something
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that is peculiar. why would they infect it with collateral issues? that's way don't get. >> you ever her the word over trying a case? >> greta: marcia clark. >> i believe the prosecution is over-trying. they are doing in louisiana what we call voodoo science. bringing in the smell test. give me a break. now they want to bring in chai len. desperation, hearsay -- in whalen. desperation, hearsay, she is never going to try. >> greta: the judge's job is easier than the defense lawyers. the only job easier than the judge's is our sitting around commenting on what they are doing. >> absolutely right. judge perry, he's been through this a million times. he knows how to walk these waters. he's said three, four times in the last 24 hours, don't make me do something that is going
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to bring in back on appeal is getting close to coming back on appeal. that is easy, don't do those things. make it . make 9 state prove the case. -- make the state prove the case and give the defense a freaking break so we don't have to do this a second time. >> greta: i know how much easier my job is than trying the case, thank you all. how long was caylee's bed in the woods? the answer is important to the defense and prosecution. forensic both tanist -- a forensic botanist took the stand today. >> can you tell me if you have formed an opinion as to the shortest period of time that the remains of caylee anthony could have been at the scene in which they were found? >> yes, two weeks. >> you said in your opinion it was a minimum of two weeks. are you now indicating that it was a maximum of two weeks
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also? >> no. >> so you're not of the opinion that the body had only been there for two weeks, correct? >> it is possible. >> okay. it is also possible it was there for a great deal longer than two weeks? >> yes. >> greta: what does this new testimony mean for the defense? joining us forensic pathologist, dr. baden. his wife is a former member of the defense team in this case. for the life of me i can't figure out what difference, the child never should have been there november, december, august, july or even june. her remains should not have been there. the only reason for the botanist the botanist can pinpoint sometime when the child was put there and died and casey being in jail so unable to do this crime. >> that appears to be what's been coming through on the
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defense case. they will be examining the meter reader the alleged person who monkeyed around with the body, moved the body or took the body away seems to be the defense theory of the case. but, -- >> greta: let me stop you there. let me stop you there! let's say the meter reader did move the body. it is a body not a live child. either the child had an accident or someone murdered the child. all the attention by the defense to divert it to who may be moved it. the question the jury is going to have to decide is what happened to that child, murder or accident and who did it? >> right. so far they don't know what the cause of death is. if the body was moved significantly while casey was in jail that makes her less guilty, presumably. the reason they going through this procedure is because,
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remember there was a wide search for the body with equusearch and other people. some people said they were the an the spot where the body was found and they didn't see the body. the possibility the body was taken some place else as unlikely as it sounds becomes an issue. >> greta: hypothetically, the prosecution could say in closing argument, look so and so moved the body. we concede that. however, what happened? how did the child become simply a body? where was the mother on june 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th through the time she is taken into custody and not making any 911 calls and out partying and getting tattoos. all that circumstantial evidence. i put up more signs for my missing cat in a week than this woman showed for her missing daughter.
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>> obviously, nobody likes the mom. she is a persistent liar. she was partying when her baby was dead. she didn't cooperate with the police. she told lies to the police. all that is a given. now, whether or not the excuse for that is she was abused as a child, sexually abused, that depends on some more of the defense case and what the meter reader says. >> greta: let's say she sexually abused. that may go to whatever penalty, if convicted. that -- >> if you are relying on her lies and the way she behaved as being evidence that she murdered the child rather than the child died accidentally. if there's an excuse for why she is so bizarre in her behavior that is independent of the cause of death. the cause of death is still an issue. although, there's a mountain of emotional evidence against her.
10:18 pm
>> greta: i guess as difficult as i might find that someone would act that way, i guess i will say the defense lawyer, you play the hand that is dealt you. if that is what she is telling them, they are not supposed to make up defenses if that's the best. i find that a very difficult sell to a jury. >> i did training psychiatry at bellevue as student and resident. people who are sexually, especially girls, sexually abused as a child can be bizarre in many ways as they become adults if it is true. >> greta: it is not a sanity defense it didn't go to whether or not you murdered someone or not. i think it is a tough sell. but we want heard all the evidence. i'm anxious to see what the rest of the defense case is and any rebuttal by the prosecution. dr. baden as always, thank you. >> thank you greta. >> greta: senator graham issuing a stern warning.
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is president obama listening? senator graham will tell you, next. >> what is up with former president clinton? is he dissing president obama or trying to send president obama a signal to help him, coming up. >> senator john mccain is talking 2012. is he running for president again? you will hear from senator mccain in a few minutes. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver
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>> greta: is president obama sending a message to troops, telling them to start packing? he's going to make announcement tomorrow about plans to withdraw troops from afghanistan, as many as 10,000 troops could be back home by the end of the year. our next guest is saying, not so fast. joining us senator lindsey graham, fair to say you are saying not so fast? >> i'm saying listen to general petraeus and second father gates. to anybody, republican, democrat, vegetarian, you should have the wisdom to listen to general petraeus. the afghans are getting better at their job so we can bring some of the surge forces home this year. 10,000 would be too much. we sent 33,000 new troops
10:24 pm
about 17 months ago. i want this fighting season to go well. if you take a third of them out between now and january, i think would be too many. 5,000 this year, 5,000 next spring makes sense to me. >> greta: less than 10,000. the president has much more ambitious numbers about what he wants to bring home. >> my advice to the president frankly is, let the guys and gals get the job done. we fought too hard. we've made too much progress. it has come at a heavy cost. don't believe afghanistan until you get the job done. we are well on our way. by 2014 i believe the afghan security forces can be in charge of their country. we've added 90,000 afghan army and police forces in self -- 17 months, 305,000 afghans under arms by the end of the year. they are not mature enough yet for us to abandon them. some withdrawal this year. and some withdrawal next year,
10:25 pm
based on conditions makes sense to me. >> greta: what is general yeah -- what is general petraeus saying? >> i think we can bring 30,000 troops home by the end of 2012. >> greta: what does general petraeus say? >> he wants 5,000 troops withdrawn this year, 5 troops next spring. -- 5,000 troops next spring. >> greta: is that what president obama is likely to announce tomorrow night? >> i don't know. get the job done mr. president i will stand by you as a republican if you listen to the general. how much more does this man general petraeus have to do for this country before politicians will listen to him? >> greta: i thought everyone would listen to him. how much is this decision, military meaning the smart thing to do? how much is economic because we can an for it?
10:26 pm
how much is political because most americans want these troops home? >> ask me that tomorrow night. most americans are war weary, including me. if the taliban come back the worst is yet to come if they take that country back over they are going to do the same to the afghan people they did before. they are going to invite al-qaeda back and we are going to get hit again. the key to leaving is for them to defend themselves. my goal is leaveafter 5 as soon as possible with the ability of the afghans to -- night in their own backyard so we never have to go back. >> report this week, preliminary talks with the taliban. i'm having a hard time understanding that. the taliban as i understand it, i've been to afghanistan, seen the women there not wanting the taliban back. what kind of commitment can we are are we going to get out of
10:27 pm
the taliban about even treatment towards women? >> john bolton said last night you negotiate with the taliban when they are on their back. they are on their knees. the troops have taken the fight to the taliban. we have better security. in september 2009 we were recruiting 800 people a month in the afghan army now there's ,000 in the army, 3,000 a month in the police. the afghan people are beginning to be able to defend themselves. the way you reconcile with the taliban you do it under your terms not theirs. >> greta: if it is getting worse why do we need to talk to them at all? >> this is a civil war. this is not a war all over afghanistan. the southern part kandahar where mullah omar, weighs a taliban leader. >> greta: he's still a taliban leader. >> he's in pakistan. you don't do business with him. the mid level taliban who do this for the money, they can be turned around.
10:28 pm
we did the same in iraq. how did you win iraq? you took the irreconcileables off the battlefield. the next thing you had a functioning army in iraq. >> greta: under your description we squeeze the taliban into pakistan? is that what we did? is that where they are? they are not gone. >> no, they are in strategic retreat. the average age of atal ban commander is 25 it used to be 35. -- young people are beginning to join the afghan army. they are weakened. they go to pakistan we are hitting them there with the drone attacks. general petraeus' plan is build the security forces. we have 2305,000 forces available to defend -- we have 305,000 force available to defend afghanistan. my goal is to get our troops
10:29 pm
home so they never have to go back. you tell the taliban lay down your arms pledge of allegiance to the constitution. recognize the rights of people who are different than you. then we will have a country call afghanistan that will be our ally. >> greta: you make it sound so rosie. it seems so smooth, so perfect. >> you know why, i'm )(y i go every three months. here's why i'm optimistic, the people in afghanistan have the will to change their country. they don't yet have the capacity. greta, i go there over and over again. they don't want to be run by the taliban. they don't want to be run by al-qaeda. it was a miserable life. i go from one end of the country to the other. everybody tells me that they don't want to go back to the darkness. they don't yet have the the gel of winning this war on terror is to give people a chance to fight the terrorists in their own backyard so we don't have to go all over the
10:30 pm
world. that takes time and effort. >> greta: i hope you are right. i know you are going back the 4th of july. >> it is not about me it is about general petraeus. the footprint in -- the security footprint in afghanistan is different. beyond any expectation i had. we are well on our way to winning if we don't undercut the general and our troops. let them finish this job. if you don't have the judgment to listen to general petraeus whether you are republican or democrat, i don't think you should be commander in chief. >> greta: thank you. is former president clinton embarrassing president obama? we'll tell you and you can decide. >> are some republican congresswomen going rogue? i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep.
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. >> greta: this has to annoy president obama. unemployment on the right. 14 million americans out of work. now salt in the wounds. president clinton, that's clinton is telling president obama how to fix the problem. not in private talks in the oval office. president clinton is getting published. joining us byron york. what a cover story this is. this is -- how to solve our economy by former president clinton. >> aren't you glad to see bill clinton has come out of his
10:35 pm
shell? i will say one thing. before barack obama became a national political figure, bill clinton was reminding the world during his presidency there were 20 muss million jobs created. something he -- 20 plus million jobs created. something he has talked about since he left office. for him to do it in this way at this time as the campaign is underway and everybody knows jobs the number one issue, it sends a real message to the white house. >> greta: it struck me when i saw this today. there are two ways to do it. if he was pals with president obama and thought he could vice him like dad to junior, he would go into the oval office and say this is a good plan. he's got a 14 point plan where he place it out. instead, he comes out and on the cover of "newsweek" magazine and unveil it in chicago the president's backyard.
10:36 pm
>> clinton-obama rivalry is not dead. they thought in enormous war in tway. it hasn't completedly settled over. she is the secretary of state. >> greta: she seems happy. >> when the president took office a number of people said it was very smart for him to ask his big rival to engine his government which would get her on the inside so she wouldn't be on the outside criticizing. that doesn't apply to her husband who has freedom to say what he wants. some of the things that he said about barack obama in the 2008 campaign, particularly in the south carolina primaries, nobody has forgotten that stuff. that rivalry still exists. >> greta: it is interesting. president clinton was enormously successful in the economy. you would think that president obama might want to listen to him, if he wants to talk to people who might have the same experience, might know what to do. >> the republicans would say
10:37 pm
president clinton was very successful on the economy, after he began dealing with a republican congress. and president obama might have -- [ talking over each other ] >> greta: you get the credit or blame as president. the fact is, during his time the economy is doing well. >> some of these things that president clinton offers up in this "newsweek" magazine article like retrofiting bill -- buildings are things that was talked about on the campaign trail all the time. >> greta: one of the 14 ways to put people back to work he said speed up approvals. harry hopkins had nowhere near the rules and regulations we have now in 1933 civil works administration put four million to work in a month. i don't blame the people in the white house for getting shovel-ready projects off the ground.
10:38 pm
sometimes it takes three years or more. i thought that was condescending like they never looked at history to see how different they had it in 1933. they were so jvish here is president clinton saying they don't understand history. >> republicans would say if you could get some of these choking regulations off the building project process, you could get people to work in the private sector more quickly. [ talking over each other ] >> greta: he's saying that president obama didn't get that. i thought that was the -- >> the reaction in the white house would be you think we hadn't thought of that? it is harder to make these things happen. president clinton is out of government now. it is easier for him to say this kind of stuff than to push the stone up the hill of the executive branch. >> greta: is this accidental, coincidental or dissing? >> it is not accidental and it is not coincidental.
10:39 pm
i think it is president clinton wanting to stay in the game and remind everybody that the last time a democrat was in the white house before barack obama there was a big economic boom. >> greta: it stings? >> it does. president clinton is contrasting his record with the first couple years of the obama administration. >> greta: byron, thank you. never dull. >> here's what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. >> ann coulter wants out of afghanistan. >> is the defense in the casey anthony trial falling apart? coming up. >> greta: that's 11 p.m. eastern time. coming up, democrats look out, republican women members of the congress are taking to the floor of the house of representatives. it didn't look like they are going to take any prisoners. what's up?
10:40 pm
congresswoman kristi noem is here she will tell you about it. >> is senator mccain eyeing the white house again? hear from the senator, straight ahead. my cream is what makes stouffer's fettuccini alfredo so delicious. i think you'll find it's the vegetables. deliciously rich. flavorful! [ female announcer ] together at last. introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest with sides of lightly sauteed farm-picked vegetables. find more ways to get to the table at when someone changes lanes without warning? or when you're distracted? when you're falling aeep at the wheel? do you know how you'll react? lexus can now precisely test the most unpredictable variable in a car -- the driver. when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer the world's most advanced driving simular.
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>> greta: south dakota congresswoman kristi noem goes on the record in 60 seconds. but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: a deadly wildfire in florida. the forestry department says two rangers were killed battling one of those 400 fires across the stay.
10:44 pm
the first time a forestry employee has died fighting a fire since the year 2000. >> powerful tornado ripped through nebraska last night. the twister flattening one home near amherst. the family happen to be on vacation. one smaller twister hit the area. no reports of injuries. >> fda launching a grisly health campaign. it will require cigarette packs to carry warning labels showing rotting teeth and gums, diseased s and the corpse of a smoker. the f -- the fda hopes to dis-- discourage americans from lighting up. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to greta. thanks for watching. >> greta: did the democrats have the women's vote tieed up? is the republican party anti-women? that's what some democrats say. a group of women fresh hen house members has a different idea.
10:45 pm
one is congresswoman kristi noem. is the gop anti-women? >> no we are very pro women and pro man. we care about the same things that every other woman in this country cares about. they want jobs so they can take care of their families. >> greta: you gave a speech about the gop and women, why? >> we wanted to push back on what the democratic party has been saying. think that been saying we've not taken on the issues women care about. we wanted to push back and show maybe they are concerned because we won the women's vote in the last election and they trying to get it back and spread untruths about us. we care about the economy, children's future, and making sure we have policies that good for our country. >> greta: why do you think some think the gop has been not the party for women? is it at portion issue? >> there's been a lot of spin in the past. a lot of times the women that
10:46 pm
were speaking like to spin the facts to make it seem we were anti-women. the republican party has always stood up for men and women and equal opportunity and the fact that we all care about the great things of this country. perhaps we've let them spin this too long and we are pushing back. >> greta: lynne cheney was married, her husband was the vice president, she was a colleague of mine at another network. we went through a list. i said are you for equal wages, i said at the end, you are a feminist. she stopped and she said, no. she said that word has been hijacked by the left. are you a feminist? what is a feminist. >> i would never call myself a feminist. i don't know what that word means any more. it has been hijacked. to different people i means different things. i grew up on a farm and did everything that the guys did i had the same opportunities they did. they could drive the tractors
10:47 pm
i drove them too. i never saw a difference in men and women growing up in south dakota. i don't understand why when you get into politics there's this big separation and everyone is trying to declare themselves a feminist. we are all pro women and all want the same opportunities the men have and we can have them. >> greta: are there issues women care about differently more or less than the men? >> i think it is good to reflect the population of this country. there's a different perspective that women can bring. we probably feel things deeper that we have more experience with. i think everybody would say that. life experiences make you who you are. week speak deeper into whip health care. we can speak deep near fighting for that fair wage. we can give a different perspective. that's important. as far as caring about issues, at the end of the day we all group wanting opportunities. we wanted this cry -- this country to stay the way it was
10:48 pm
when we grew up: this last he next the republicans got the women's vote. i think that's yes where seeing push-back. we've seen they've gotten concerned that women recognize -- at home women pay the bills, balance the checkbooks. you can't continue to spend money you don't have a lot of that resonates with women back home and that's why they identify with the republican party. >> greta: is there a strategy? the nine of you freshmen women, is there a strategy, full speed ahead let's get the women's vote and steal pit from the democrats? >> we are going after every vote. we are definitely out there being active many we are not going to sit in the background and not partake in the discussion. kathy rogers has organized a lot of these republican women and getting us together.
10:49 pm
we did a special on the house floor tonight talking about what a republican woman is. hopefully, a lot of people will watch and see we represent the population and what they want to accomplish. we've gotten organized in making sure our voices are going to be out there. >> greta: we'll be watching. it is going to be an interesting political season. nice to see you. >> good to see you too. >> greta: is he in or out? senator mccain talking 2012, giving it to us straight. >> 2012 news this is a head-spinner. is harry reid going rogue on his party? could he be voting for a republican for president in 2012? that would be strange. don't go away, that's next. a. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice.
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10:53 pm
. >> greta: here's the best of the rest. will senator mccain make another run for the white house? anything is possible when it comes to the 2012 republican field of candidates. this is what the senator tells nbc's ann curry. >> there's a long history of masochism in my family not so severe as to make me want to jump in again. >> greta: you think he will run? we have to wait and see. >> harry reid is also talking 2012. the senator is watching the
10:54 pm
republican presidential contenders closely. he may be a prominent mormon don't assume he's favoring governor rom >> front-runner in the republican states now here's a man who doesn't know who he is. he was for gay marriage when governor. now he's them. he was for abortion when he was governor. now he's it. he was -- now he's against it. health care, we modeled our bill to a large agree about what he -- a large degree about what he did in massachusetts. now he's trying to run from that. if someone doesn't know who they are, they shouldn't be president. >> greta: he said he would vote for huntsman overromney. governor huntsman should not count on his vote. senator reid is a democrat and he will vote for his party. >> exciting news about congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her
10:55 pm
husband. astronaut kellly announced he's retiring from the military and nasa. he plans to focus on his wife's recovery and penning a memoir with his wife from their car rears to their marriage to the january tragedy when -- their careers to their imagine to the january tragedy. we will keep you posted, there you have the best of the rest. >> you do not want to miss this, we'll explain, next. [ female announcer ] now at red lobster
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time, last call. huntington top leaders square november a game of golf. according to jay leno the strangest thing happened on the course. a team of obama and boehner beat the team of joe biden. they tallied up the score, 14 trillion over par. that is it. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. go to and blog on the open thread and thanks for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. go to


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